Sustainable Fashion in India is booming, because, where else it should? This is a country of billions of people who is one of the largest consumers of the production as a whole. This is the land of Gandhi where people joined him in Dandi March wearing Khadi. This is the land of activist & socialist. So where else, an environment-friendly fashion movement can boom better?

Sustainable or ethical clothing has started making its mark in the Indian market. From paying workers fairly, to use of natural fabrics and dyes, brands are embracing this new shift in the world of the clothing industry. One of the main reasons behind this sudden surge of eco-friendly product buying is because of the spurt of awareness. 

As a consumer, we have realized that we can contribute to saving the environment and feel & look good at the same time. We have stopped hoarding on garments made from synthetic fabric. We look for alternate solution to go green when it comes to the manufacturing, sale, and recycling of clothes.  People are trying to limit their consumption as opposed to mindlessly purchasing ton of clothes. Most of the Indian buyers have become more conscious and  invest in ethical fashion, which is produced using the methods of fair trade. 

It’s true that India is very much influenced by western clothing & fashion, which was apparently known as fast fashion. But now, taking a hard note on the climate change, scarcity of natural elements, Indian brands are bound to fastened its seat belts to the journey of a better fashion. The rich craft heritage and prosperous textile history lead to the emerging standards of sustainable fashion which new generation Indian designers are aspiring to. The creative heads out there focus on enhancing the aesthetics by embracing sustainable practices that benefit both people and the planet.

Why Are Sustainable Brands Needed?

Here are some major facts that will inspire you to choose a sustainable brand for your next purchase:-

Durable Quality

Apart from being eco-friendly, House of DONA as a sustainable brands focus on evergreen fashion that can last for years and years. By not indulging in short lived trends we reduce the fashion waste which is considerably growing with every passing year. If the clothes are classic with longer shelf lives, the less likely are you to keep shopping for new things. 

Saves Natural Resources 

Recycled fibres have proven to be a much more sustainable option, as they reduce pressure on virgin resources and tackle the growing problem of waste management. To tackle this we are exploring the option to create head bands, masks and insulating materials if the cutouts are very small. 

Help Local Artisans

We are aware of the unemployment issues in India. When it comes to large scale production, we know that it’s the people at the bottom of the production chain who suffer the most. Hours and hours of continuous labour results in undeserving pay and pathetic working conditions. As a sustainable brand, House of DONA strictly stand against it. The local production chains help out Indian artisans by providing them with job opportunities with deserving pay and working conditions. We all know how Asian countries are known for ‘cheap labour’. It’s time to turn things around and be a responsible brand. 

Aesthetic Designs

It’s a very big misconception that sustainable brands have boring designs. We strive to bring most aesthetically pleasing designs made from premium and sustainable fabrics. Our prints are unique, bright and timeless. 

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