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I am Dona Hounkanrin, from west Africa residing in Canada. I am 27 years old and 5’5 tall. I have developed a passion and love for fashion at a very young age. I love how soft, delicate fabrics such as silk, cashmere, lace or satin can feel on my body. The confidence that the right outfit can give a person is an understatement. I love how an image, a picture can speak louder than a voice, the capability of influencing a trend, or promoting something specific.
That passion has translated into the desire of becoming a model. I started my journey at CMTC (Canadian Model and Talent Convention) and can’t wait to continue it with you!!!
I am interested in:

  • Fashion Modeling
  • Commercial Print
  • TV Commercial
  • Art Modeling
  • Catalog Modeling

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  • May 14, 2024

Why Modelling???

The principal drive for me is my love for a great outfit, matching the dress with the shoe and accessories considering t